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Specialized Fiscal Accountancy and Legal Service in the Real Estate Sector

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GFC GROUP ESCROW SOLUTIONS It’s a firm specialized in both areas, legal advice and fiscal accountancy in the real estate sector (Real Estate Developments, Tourism and Trusts).

Our specialized advisors in the legal and tax area in the real estate sector have the knowledge and experience of more than 40 years, to provide advice on all matters related to real estate issues.

Given the current global context, we recognize the growing area of ​​opportunity that industrial and intellectual property represents for companies and we offer them specialized legal advice and fiscal accountancy on this matter.

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It is an instrument (contract) entered into between the provider (beneficiary), the client (Principal) and GFC GROUP ESCROW SOLUTIONS (Mandate).

By virtue of which the client (Principal) contributes an amount of money to the Escrow of GFC GROUP ESCROW SOLUTIONS (Mandate), and the latter agrees to receive it and keep it in custody so that, once the conditions are met and verified, that the established in the contract, the amount of money that the Principal has deposited is delivered to the Seller (Beneficiary).

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It is a legal instrument designed for foreign residents who do not have tax effects in Mexico, with which they can obtain greater financial productivity when they sell their real estate in national territory.

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It’s the legal instrument by which foreign individuals and companies in México can purchase beaches and border properties (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), given the restriction in the Mexican Federal Constitution which restricts foreigners buy property directly in a 50 kilometers zone of our beaches and 100 kilometers zone of Mexican borders

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1.- The lowest trust fees in the market.

2.- Trust is formalized before a Notary Public and is enrolled in both public registry as National Foreign Investment Registry.

3.- The Foreigner (Trust Beneficiary) is the holder of the full rights in the Trust and decision maker as full owner through the Trust.

4.- On instructions from the Foreigner (Trust Beneficiary), the Trust Property may be offered as collateral for obtaining loans of Financial Institutions in Mexico or abroad.

5.- Testamentary clause that allows heirs to avoid trials in Mexico and abroad, the easiest and not expensive way to transfer your property in Mexico to your heirs.


1.- Peace of mind for you and your heirs.

2.- No probate

3.- You may morgage the property, improve the property, bequeath the property or sell it.

4.- Simplified process to make changes in your trust (this is so important, we have to say it again.

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It is the new method ​that guarantees both ​natural and moral ​persons to receive ​payments in pesos and ​dollars via transfer and ​terminal point of sale ​optimizing their tax ​burden and shielding it ​against third parties.

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  • Does not accumulate income
  • Reduce or Eliminate the Tax Burden
  • Shielded Resources Against Third Parties
  • And other benefits
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It is a legal instrument through which a physical or legal person transfers to the trustee the ownership or ownership of goods or rights to use them for a lawful, specific and possible purpose.


Real Estate Trust; Legal instrument that serves to combine efforts between parties who wish to build and develop real estate projects. (Construction of homes, shopping malls or industrial parks, among others.


Income Administration Trust; The owners of the properties contribute their properties so that the trustee is in charge of managing them, managing the rent, receiving the corresponding payments and distributing the income stipulated in the instrument.


Trust for the Remodeling of Real Estate; With this trust it is possible, with the help of the owner and other investors, to remodel a strategically located property, but which is in critical condition, is idle or is vacant land, and generate economic benefits for the participants in the trust derived from the rental of spaces and/or the sale of the property or individual units


Real Estate Guarantee Trust; It efficiently replaces the mortgage, since one or more properties are assigned to the Trust to guarantee compliance with payment obligations derived from any type of Financing for the Settlor, establishing an execution procedure in the Trust in the event of default. In this way, the execution of the assets received as payment guarantee is expedited, avoiding unnecessary lawsuits and/or that third parties may eventually argue a better right regarding the trust asset. The Trustee is in charge of executing the agreements embodied in the Trust.


Condominium Administration Trust; Its purpose is that the payment corresponding to the maintenance fees made by each of the condominium owners, for the administration of a property that is in a condominium regime, be made directly to a sub-account of the Trust constituted for this purpose, in order to make the payments corresponding to the services of the common areas of the property: electricity, water, cleaning, etc., and other expenses related to the property, such as gardening, exterior repainting, waterproofing, and maintenance of swimming pools and gym, if applicable.


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Mexican Mortgages

for U.S., Canadian and European citizens



What You Need to Know

About Financing Your Dream Home in Mexico!

  • Mexican Pesos
  • Down payment 30% (escrow account)
  • 7%-10% closing cost due at closing (so down payment + closing cost = 40% approximately)
  • Maximum LTV 70% of the purchase
  • 5yr, 7yr, 10yr, 15yr or 20yr. terms available
  • Pre payment penalty: 0%
  • Mortgage DOES NOT report on a U.S. Canadian or European Credit Report

We'll help you to buy your dream home!

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Customer Feedback

Why you should hire our firm

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They are willing and able to help with any questions or concerns we have, is honestly a pleasure to work with them.

- Ingrid Marlone

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They provided timely professional counsel and execution in a patient. This team handle all my escrows and I can attest to the fact that they offer exceptional customer service.

- Teddy Yuhui

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I highly recommend GFC Group Escrow Services. the team has exceptional service. They really cares about clients, every single one has provided me with immediate attention. They pay special attention to detail and are always happy to help

- John Shelby

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